Upcoming 2016-17 Events

International Schools Fair and Going to School in the US Workshop, March 13th, 3-6pm

  • 3-5pm, The GC Gathering Space for the international and alternative school fair. Some examples of Attendee’s:
    • OzTrekk, Australian Professional School Coordinator
    • Michener, Ontario Professional School
    • Caribbean Schools such as AUC, Saba, Ross and more
    • Trent Career Centre
    • Trent Study Abroad Program
    • Dr. Jim Shipley – Canadian doctor with a vast amount of international medical experience
  • 5-6pm for a going to school in the US workshop with a Trent Alumni who went to medical school in the US and is now in residency in Canada, GC 112
  • 5-6pm Going to veterinary school in the Caribbean workshop, GC 110.


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